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We are improving healthcare with XR

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SyncVR Medical is a social enterprise with the mission to improve healthcare with XR. We do this through our extended reality (XR) platform with 30+ XR apps in our XR App Store. We are proud that 150+ healthcare organizations in 6 countries (NL, DE, DK, BE, UK, SWE) are now using our SyncVR Medical Platform to make a positive impact in healthcare with VR. 

We're a young team of enthusiastic people that all get up in the morning fueled by the idea that we make an impact on people's lives. We tackle our challenges head-on, and do so with a smile on our face, because challenges are what makes life awesome, and we know we're in this together and have each other's backs. If this sounds like an environment you want to work in, you should absolutely join one of our demo-evenings, and get a load of all the awesome work that's being done at SyncVR Medical.

We also share our company with our key team. After 1 year, you get the option to join our XR Stock Program and become a co-owner of SyncVR!


Flexible working hours

Working on fixed hours is something of the past, you determine when you want to work

Fully remote working

Our team is based all over Europe, so you determine how and where you want to work

Making a societal impact

You work on challenges to improve the quality of healthcare throughout Europe

Full freedom and responsibility

You have the full responsibility over big projects which are vital to the future of SyncXR

Stock options program

We share! After 1 year you can join our stock options program and become a co-owner of SyncVR


Everything you expect from a health tech start-up


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